Advertising in the time of COVID-19

We are living through some unprecedented times. 

With all this talk about staying healthy, socially distancing and being stuck in quarantine, advertising is probably the last thing on your mind. However, abandoning advertising during the time of COVID-19 is something you might want to reconsider. 

The impact on readership

While it seems like the entire world has completely shut down, the print industry is still cruising along. In fact, we have actually seen an increase in YOY single copy sales with many of our magazine partners. We have also seen an uptick in magazine subscriptions, both in print and digitally, as people are spending more time online and are constantly looking for more content to consume. 

Additionally, we have experienced no changes to our publishing and printing schedule, and we have yet to experience any delivery issues with subscriber copies being mailed out on time. 

People want the intimacy of print 

Throughout the past few weeks, one thing has become very clear: people want the intimacy of print media.  

Perhaps this pattern is emerging solely because people are spending more time in front of a screen, but it seems that people are turning to print and looking to balance their lives with the intimate, trusted and relaxing experience of print.  

In these crazy and scary times, something as simple as curling up on the couch with a magazine can provide a sense of calm and normality for readers. Magazines provide a great distraction, but they can also provide readers with tools to stay positive throughout this time. 

Many of our publication partners have reworked upcoming issues to reflect the new world we live in by focusing editorial on how to cope with being stuck at home, how to reduce anxiety and stress, and highlighting essential products to have during this time. 

With editorial over the next few months focusing largely on how to creatively spend time at home, a fantastic new avenue for brands like meal preparation services, at-home physical fitness, games and crafts has opened up to align with editorial content like never before.

Communication is key

During this time, advertising might seem like an unnecessary expense. We’re living through an uncertain time, and it’s hard to know where the world will go next. However, one thing is for sure: advertising has always, and will always be the way brands communicate with their consumers. 

Even in times of hardship, communication is always necessary to be successful. Your brand message might change, but your need to say it does not. 

“Even in times of hardship, communication is always necessary to be successful. Your brand message might change, but your need to say it does not.”

This is the time to get creative and show consumers how you are helping to make their lives easier right now. Perhaps you offer free online shipping, or have a product that can make staying in isolation a lot easier. This is your chance to share that message! 

COVID-19 is scary, and we are living in some crazy times. However, this virus doesn’t have to be the end of advertising or the end of your business. Instead, look at it as a challenge to make the lives of your consumers easier and keep your business thriving. Let us help you put together an advertising package that will reach your target audience with a message that you’re here to help, and we can all get through this together!