10 Common Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

As a small business owner, making the decision to begin an advertising campaign can often be overwhelming. This is especially true when you’ve never advertised before. You’ll likely have a million questions racing through your head, from what font to use to what publication to publish your ad in. In all that chaos, it’s easy to…

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The Golden Rules of Print Advertising

Print advertising, if done correctly, can skyrocket your business. It can build a brand, establish credibility and convince consumers to run to the store to buy what you sell. But to be successful, it needs to be done well. Here’s how to make sure your advertisements attract all the right attention. Invest in quality Before you even…

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Print vs. Digital: The Best of Both Worlds (INFOGRAPHIC)

digital vs. print

Nowadays, advertisers have a plethora of advertising options at their fingertips. From digital advertising to print, magazine, native and outdoor advertising, the options are truly endless. While that might sound like an advertiser’s dream, the reality is that all these options can make things a little confusing. With so many different options, it’s hard to know…

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10 Reasons Print Media is Alive and Well

Print Media Cover

Over the past couple of years, there has been many claims that print media is on its way out. Digital is the new best thing, and print media is dead. Well, we’re here to tell you that’s one big lie. Digital media is definitely on the rise, that’s true; but print media is still very much…

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How to Choose the Perfect Publication for Your Print Advertising

Choosing the perfect publication to advertise in can seem a bit overwhelming. There are hundreds of thousands of magazines available, and each title offers something a little different. It might seem like the only way to reach your desired audience is to advertise in every magazine out there, but that’s not the case. Factors like circulation,…

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Everything Your Small Business Needs to Know About Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the largest consumer holidays. It’s also the first major holiday of the new year, meaning consumers are ready to celebrate (and spend) again after Christmas and the New Year. From flowers to candies, Americans don’t hold back when it comes to Valentine’s Day spending. Last year, Americans spent approximately $20 billion…

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New Year, New Magazines

H2O Media Inc Editorial Calendar

The past 12 months were filled with new, exciting experiences for all of us at H2O Media Inc. We opened a digital department, expanded our office twice and were honored on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing businesses in America. We’d like to think 2016 was a pretty good year. But we’re ready…

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Advertising in 2017: Trends You Need to Know

online advertising

In a few short months, we’ll have a new year, and we’ll also have new advertising trends. Before flipping the calendar, take a look at what industry experts predict for advertising in 2017. All About Mobile Digital advertising – mobile, in particular – has experienced incredible growth over the past couple of years. In 2015,…

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H2O’s 10 Tips for Advertising Success

Advertising research

Every company, big or small, needs advertising. There’s no question about that. Placing advertisements is the only way potential consumers can learn about your products and services. Without advertising, most consumers wouldn’t even know your business existed. Now while advertising is undoubtedly a must-have for any business, it’s not always easy to create a successful…

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Why One Advertisement is Not Enough


You finally did it. You ran an advertisement. After months (or even years) of getting your business off the ground and establishing a base of customers, you decided it was time to put your product in front of millions of eyes. So you placed an ad. Now all you have to do is sit back,…

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