20 Tips to Make Your Advertisements POP!


Marketing experts estimate the average American is exposed to between 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day. Each day! That number might sound a little crazy at first, but think about all the ads you see every time you scroll through social media, walk through the grocery store or even just drive down the highway. Advertisements are everywhere,…

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How to Choose the Perfect Publication for Your Print Advertising

Choosing the perfect publication to advertise in can seem a bit overwhelming. There are hundreds of thousands of magazines available, and each title offers something a little different. It might seem like the only way to reach your desired audience is to advertise in every magazine out there, but that’s not the case. Factors like circulation,…

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10 Stats the Prove Your Small Business Needs Social Media

social media

Social media is no longer an option; it is a necessity. There once was a time when your small business could succeed by having only a well-designed website, but that time is no longer. Now, social media is the key to small business success. You want leads? Time to set up a LinkedIn profile. You want…

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February Holidays Your Small Business Should Celebrate


Sometimes you just need an excuse to create a promotion, run a contest or send an email to customers. It can become difficult to continually come up with new reasons to interact with your customers or create content, and Wednesday afternoon just doesn’t seem like an exciting enough reason to reach out. We understand. Luckily, February is…

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