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Top 4 Reasons To Use An Advertising Agency

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Advertising Agency

Top 4 Reasons To Use An Advertising Agency

Whether you are a small startup or a tenured brand, advertising is essential to your business’s success. Many businesses question how best to handle their marketing needs. Do they outsource and partner with an experienced agency? Or, do they take it in-house and “DIY” the process themselves?

In-house advertising is a popular option, especially for smaller businesses. On paper, in-house seems like the most cost-friendly option. However, this route involves spending your time researching and comparing magazines and publishers for price and coordinating with sales reps to negotiate terms and placement. Let’s not forget about the actual advertisement! There are wording and image guidelines to follow. Not to mention considerations on how to make your advertisement eye-catching; Will anyone click the link? Are readers searching your brand for more information? Will they become a loyal customers?!?

Overall, the real question is; is your time and money worth it? Will the investment you and your team put into the research, deposit, and design, yield a worthy return?

Partnering with H2O Media as your advertising agency takes away the anxiety and guesswork. Hiring the right agency can actually help reduce your costs too! We routinely see our clients returning to us for the peace of mind (and ROI) we provide with every booking. Here are the top 4 reasons to use an advertising agency:

1.    Dedicated Account Managers

When you work with H2O Media, you get to work alongside highly intelligent and dedicated account managers. Our approach is to cater to each client’s needs individually. We offer exceptional and innovative advertising solutions for any business. With so many agencies moving toward automated services, H2O Media prides itself on offering in-person consultation that delivers world-class results.

We are committed to supporting you throughout the entire process. Our team of account managers will provide expert guidance to ensure your success. We have streamlined processes that enable us to work closely with you, ensuring that your brand is showcased flawlessly before it goes to print.  

2.    Premium Placement

With nearly 2 decades in advertising, we have literally grown with our customers! We have consistently worked with clients from the ground up and maintain those relationships today.

Our longevity is not by accident. We have worked hard to build powerful relationships with our media partners and publishers. This is what allows us to secure the best rates and positions in a wide variety of well-known publications.

Through our placement opportunities, our clients gain more brand awareness and drive increased sales. You too, can reach new audiences and build upon your customer loyalty.

3.   Endless Opportunities

Customizable packages are a mainstay with H2O Media. Booking multiple placements can lower your overall cost not to mention cast a wider net for your target audience.  Whether you want a full-page ad, numerous features in a magazine over time, or want to appear in different digital campaigns, we’ve got you covered with everything you need.

We also provide endless digital and print advertising opportunities throughout the year. Some of our most popular options are seasonal or themed (think, Father’s Day, Holiday Gift Guides, and Trends to Follow).

4.   A Creative Team Like No Other

With the help of your account manager, we’ll collect the required imaging and copy that our creative team needs to ensure your product is beautifully and perfectly displayed in every advertisement.

Not sure what to say about your product? No problem. Our creative team helps with sales copy and editing when requested. Not to toot our own horn, but this is a huge perk of working with H2O! Most copywriting services are an added expense at other agencies. With H2O, it’s just part of our service to you.

Nervous about how the final ad will look? Don’t be! All proofs are ALWAYS sent to you for approval before being submitted for publication. You know your brand best and we will never send anything to the publisher without your stamp of approval first.  

As the saying goes, “Leave no stone unturned”. And no image left too large or font left too small. We’ve got your back.  

At its core, H2O Media was created from a need for better client relationships. We continuously enhance our services to cater to the diverse needs of our clients.  and

 We are confident that we offer services that fit your needs. Let’s chat about how we can best support you. 

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