Advertising with gift guides is your product’s ultimate MVP!

Why Gift Guides Are Good For Advertising

Not sure how to step up your brand’s advertising game? You are far from alone! As an advertising agency, we help businesses navigate the ad world each and every day. We scout out the top resources to match our clients with the best-fitting opportunities available. Hands down, our most popular and versatile spaces are gift guides. Gift guides (see also: advertorials or listicles) are the perfect introduction to large-scale advertising. 

Advertorials offer a unique twist on advertising by presenting your products as beautiful, editorial-style pieces. They blend seamlessly with the surrounding content and capture the readers’ attention, creating a sense of authenticity.

These stunning pages ensure that your brand stands out. They leave a lasting impression on potential customers who will remember your product when it’s time to find the perfect gift. Here are the top reasons why we love gift guides and how they can be a home run for your brand:

Gift Guides are the advertising home run your brand needs to win.

Cost-Effective Marketing

First and foremost, advertising in Gift Guides is lower in cost due to their shared space and minimal creative requirements. They are the perfect way to step up to the plate of national advertising.

Not only are gift guides less expensive, they create a sense of urgency and curiosity around your product. Advertising through gift guides will increase your chances of driving sales and boosting revenue. Who knows? Your gift suggestion might just become someone’s new favorite find!

Increase Your Brand Awareness        

Gift guides offer affordable opportunities to find the perfect platform for your brand with a wide range of magazines and publications to explore. When you pitch your ad in different magazines, you will discover which ones are fan favorites.

The beauty of gift guides lies in their versatility. They give you the freedom to research, test, and perfect your marketing tactics without any restrictions. Simply put, advertorials maximize your brand’s exposure and impact.

Boost Buying Potential 

Why settle for advertising in one magazine at a time? Load the bases and test your brand in multiple publications at the same time.  Advertising your brand in three or more gift guides increases your chance of prompting a response from potential customers. 

Additionally, many of our clients market in gift guides as a strategy to decrease expenses while exploring magazine options. Tweak your copy and imagery to find the winning formula that sparks conversation and scores you sales.

PRO TIP: Do you have multiple products that pair well together? Or, do you work with another brand that compliments yours? Take out multiple spaces in the same guide to boost your visibility. 

Simple Creative Requirements

Another perk to advertorials is that they offer the perfect balance of simplicity and creativity. Show off your brand’s spirit with just one appealing image and an intriguing 30-word copy. 

Striking out on what to say? Fear not! If a creative nudge is what you need, H2O Media will help you craft the perfect message. (Psst…Our copywriting expertise is included in our services!) We’ll work with you to dazzle your audience and generate excitement. 

Remember, if you build it, they will come. Gift guides offer excellent advertising potential for any business due to their reasonable cost and requirements. Combined with the fact that they are a source of inspiration for every gifting fanatic everywhere, it makes them a powerful tool for marketing. Unleash your creativity, captivate your readers, and let your product shine like never before. Happy advertising, and may your products find their way into the hearts and hands of many!