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What Successful People do Every Morning

Though success means different things to different people, it’s undeniable that there are certain things successful people do to help them become more successful. Here are 7 things that successful people do every morning.

They Wake Up Early

Successful people understand that effective time management is vital to success. Before the demands of the workday start pouring in, successful people take control of what they can—the morning hours—in an effort to squeeze out as much personal time as they can before phone calls, meetings and potential crises arise.

They Exercise

Health and exercise are tantamount to success. The fact that so many successful people stick to this fact underscores Florida State University psychology professor Roy Baumeister’s now famous revelation that willpower reacts similarly to a muscle that becomes fatigued through overuse. Additionally, morning workouts (including meditation, yoga or prayer) help alleviate stress. This not only makes for a smoother day, but also improves sleep when the workday is done.

They Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day, at least for most successful people. Along with a great exercise regimen, a healthy breakfast not only combats fatigue and stress, it sets successful people up to conquer their daily to-do lists with the proper nutrition.

They Focus on Important Work Projects

The morning also allows for better clarity, and so successful people use the uninterrupted time they glean from the beginning of the day to focus on important work projects before employees, bosses or kids come into the picture. Likewise, personal projects are also done in the morning hours. Creative writing, art or simply catching up on world events, for instance, are formed into a morning ritual to ensure that these goals are never abandoned after the tediousness of a busy day.

They Spend Time with Family

Some successful people find that, as opposed to a big dinner where lethargy is served as a main course, spending quality time with spouses and/or the family in general creates the most important part of the day. This includes making breakfast together or even assisting kids with schoolwork.

They Plan and Strategize

Updating to-do lists and goals in the morning also helps to plan the day, week or month ahead. It’s an important tool in time management, and successful people find prioritizing their days while they’re fresh helps to set a better trajectory for the day.

They Read the News

Most successful people also make it a habit of catching up on the latest headlines before starting the day. This can be coupled with early morning exercise or breakfast. The point is to be informed before taking on the world.