H2O Media Inc. Changes Name

h2o media inc

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]H2O Print Media Inc. changes business name to H2O Media Inc.; Company focused on emphasizing its digital offerings. New research shows nearly 40 percent of the world’s population is on the Internet, indicating over 2.9 billion people are digitally connected. MINNEAPOLIS (May 16, 2016) – Minnesota-based advertising agency H2O Print Media Inc. officially announced the…

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The Best Fonts to Use in Your Advertisements


As the internet informed me the other day, the Slow Loris really does enjoy eating rice balls. In fact, this fact was well worth hitting the replay button time and again on YouTube. In all my years of knowledge acquisition, I never would have imagined that Slow Lorises and rice balls went together in this…

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10 Ways to Make Your Advertisement Stand Out

A new rare substance has been found in the world. Getting an ounce of it, however, is a task that would give even Hercules a run for his money. What is this substance, you ask? It’s called attention. In this day and age, getting an ounce of attention is the proverbial needle in the haystack.…

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The Best Entrepreneur Dads


Whether behind the scenes or directly in the limelight, celebrity (or celebrated) dads who happen to also be entrepreneurs can teach us all a thing or two about success. It’s no surprise that many of these men also have successful children who have earned their own place in the business world, thanks in no small…

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Tips on How to Create Good Copy


Good copy contains valuable and vital information, and helps target audiences both understand the offer and understand how to respond to said (stated) offer. With this in mind, the following tips are used frequently by pros who understand the need for creating good copy. These tips should be noted for their common sense and usefulness…

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What Successful People do Every Morning

successful people

Though success means different things to different people, it’s undeniable that there are certain things successful people do to help them become more successful. Here are 7 things that successful people do every morning. They Wake Up Early Successful people understand that effective time management is vital to success. Before the demands of the workday…

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Why is Print Advertising Valuable to Your Company?

Dinosaurs vs. mammals. The ultimate skirmish, right? It just seems relevant to begin an article on print and online advertising with some analogy about dinosaurs and mammals. Extinction myths aside, however, I’ve always been one to believe that dinosaurs didn’t simply disappear. No, dinosaurs were too smart for that. Dinosaurs, you see, actually evolved into…

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The Best Mompreneurs of 2016

These celebrity moms inspire us all by making multi-tasking look easy! They also forego the tiresome question of “how do you manage?” by showing that women don’t have to choose between kids and careers. With the rise of mompreneurs and the business world taking note, the following list of business-minded celebrity moms is certainly not…

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What Your Logo Says About You

social media

Wear a Halloween costume on Valentine’s Day. Go right ahead, if it suits you. However, if you don’t win over any hearts—whether chocolate or real—don’t be surprised. Though getting someone to say “Be Mine” can be the result of many things, at its core, it boils down to presentation. It’s about realizing what you want…

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10 Things Only Entrepreneurs Know

Entrepreneurs are making a name for themselves, and many people are looking to the “self-employed” arena as a way to set themselves apart from the corporate cog and gain financial freedom. The problem is that not everyone knows—or wants to know—truly effective ideas to becoming a successful entrepreneur. The following list provides 10 things only…

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