Why Working with Ad Agencies Will Save You Money

Communication is the lifeblood of business. Whether reaching out to other businesses, interfacing with internal marketing or eliciting a response from potential clients, effective businesses are those that can reach their targets with expert communication.

As communication in the form of marketing and advertising is the key to success and growth for companies the world over, it should come as no surprise that advertising agencies are instrumental in providing success.

Here are 10 reasons why working with ad agencies will save you money and generate success.

  1. Ad agencies have a sustained network.

When you hire an ad agency, that agency will help your company with tapping in to the best and most reliable outlets for your business, including magazines, newspapers, television broadcasts, and radio spots. Moreover, ad agencies know the ins and outs of pricing and effective scheduling, making them essential in saving money and capitalizing on your efforts. Ad agencies are also more familiar with what it takes to get viral results in a fraction of the time. Their business is the business of driving growth and increasing returns on investments.

  1. Your company won’t have an entire payroll of expert, top-level talent.

The skills and manpower needed to create the viral content and ads which will have your clients taking note are often greater than in-house talent. It would require many people on payroll to achieve this end. Ad agencies, however, provide this quality-level talent for you, and all in one place. They employ only the best of the best, hiring expert writers, designers, art directors, creative directors, business and marketing strategists, media planners, web developers, and more. When you hire an advertising agency, you save money by directly accessing these skills at a fraction of what it would cost your own company to keep all of this talent on payroll.

  1. You’re hiring a collective of knowledge.

The other great aspect of hiring an ad agency is that you are hiring an entire team of experienced professionals that will be there whenever you need them. As opposed to hiring a single copywriter, for instance, you have a mutual relationship with an entire team of professionals, thereby cutting the costs associated with individual hires and allowing you to benefit from a collective of knowledge.

  1. Ad agencies breathe creativity.

Ad agencies pride themselves on being able to take calculated risks, risks that your company itself might not want to—or be able to—sustain in the long run. Ad agencies also work with clients they choose and respect. Moreover, the creative talent housed in ad agencies works on a variety of assignments, from clients across industries and sectors. They bring a well of knowledge and a wealth of experience to each project, which will save your company money in the end.

  1. Experienced manpower.

When hiring an ad agency, you save both money and time in that advertising agencies are already familiar with the pitfalls that can hinder or cripple your company. These experienced professionals know what to focus on, and have tailored their process to this end. In today’s business world, successful companies effectively engage with marketing across several platforms, such as social media marketing or content marketing. Ad agencies will help you prioritize the proper platforms and decide where to even start. With a clear marketing plan, advertising agencies will approach your marketing platforms with your business objectives, budget and branding needs all in consideration.

  1. You’re hiring a fresh pair of eyes.

All too often, companies are not able to see things from the outside. Involved as they are in the day-to-day workings of their business, they can’t always see things as a customer would. When you work with an advertising agency, however, you give yourself a fresh pair of eyes with an outside perspective. In turn, this fresh perspective can be translated into all facets of your business, saving you time and money along the way.

  1. Ad agencies are experts at effective branding.

Advertising agencies understand that branding can make or break a client. Expert and reliable branding can have your company reaping in the benefits for the foreseeable future, whereas poor branding can result in profit loss, client loss and potential client distrust. Effective branding, however, entices clients, both current and prospective, and gives your company a strong and trusted backbone. Advertising agencies, working with branding on a daily basis, have the skills and manpower needed for this effective branding.

  1. Your company can focus on its growth with an ad agency in tow.

When hiring an ad agency, you have the best of both worlds—an internal and external marketing department. In other words, the ad agency focuses on the content and ideas. It handles the day-to-day of your product, including the product itself and the roadmap for your product/project. When ad agencies take on this role, you save time with a product in the hands of a dedicated and allocated professional and a campaign that might normally have taken weeks to get up and running now working in a matter of days. Ultimately, you are left to focus on your business’s growth, saving time and, as we know, money.

  1. Ad agencies are adept at providing quick and reliable results and analysis.

Marketing strategies need to be tested, and tested again, to find what really works and what simply wastes time and energy. After all, this drive is to ensure that your company can provide something better for your client, and for less. Advertising agencies know how to navigate online and offline marketing to bring about the quickest, most efficient results. And more than results, ad agencies can show how they’ve generated results for your company. Data is analyzed and quantified in a way that companies can clearly see what did and did not work, and then change direction in the future based off of this data if need be. Ad agencies are skilled at analyzing multiple projects and campaigns, as well, and have the resources at their fingertips, plus the market knowledge, to invest in even better tools for analysis when needed, thereby saving clients time and money.


  1. Ad agencies focus on timely optimization.

Companies understand that budget funds come and go. Projects and campaigns can gnaw away at a budget if a company fails to optimize in a timely manner. With a busy staff and employees with various workloads, companies need an experienced professional to not only analyze the results of a campaign, but to provide proper optimization for the duration of the campaign so as to avoid bleeding money. Ad agencies can provide this full-time support and experience.